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Stacey Pocket Friendly BJ Toy

Bella Pleasure Stacey Pocket Friendly BJ Toy

Stacey Pocket Friendly BJ Toy

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  • Super soft and stretchy 
  • Non phthalate
  • Ergonomic grip design 
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Built in detailed lips, and tongue
  • Raised ribbing and soft teeth for enhanced stimulation 
  • Created from UR3 realistic skin for the best natural feel 

Take your solo blowjob experience to another level with this lip and tongue easily portable blowjob toy. The Stacey Pocket-Friendly Blowjob Toy is a great way to experience pleasurable sensations just like you would with your partner. It has a smooth soft texture and stretchy enough to accommodate all sizes. It’s non-phthalate and comes with an innovative ergonomic grip design that feels like a real wet mouth.

To make the sensations as real as possible, the portable blowjob toy comes with a tongue and detailed lips built inside the machine. The little pleasure toy even features soft teeth and raised ribbing to give you more enhanced stimulation and pleasure. The manufacturer has even taken it a step further by using UR3 realistic skin to give the blowjob toy the most natural feel. Best of all, the compact blowjob toy is lightweight and easily portable. Carry it wherever you go for those steamy nights when your partner is not around. It is easy to use too. Just slide in, lie back and let the toy do its thing.

The small Stacey Pocket-Friendly Blowjob toy is delivered in private and discreet package without obvious product or company information publicly shown on the package.    


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